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     Silver Laboratories is one of the leading manufacturers for liquid manufacturing in the smoke, cannabidiol (CBD) and vapor industries.


     At Silver Laboratories we have only one goal in mind - to produce top quality products that will help improve the lives of people. Starting in 2013 producing e-Liquids and vape products, the company grew and expanded to new industries such as all  natural fragrance products, cannabidiol & hemp products, and various other supplement and herbal products as well.


     How did it all start with such a goal in mind? It all started with founding partner and CEO Charles Wagner - watching his mother pass from lung cancer (R.I.P. - You will forever be in our hearts), decided there had to be a better alternative for smokers struggling to quite, or at least fine a safer alternative. From there the rest was history in the making.




     We are determined to only hire the best! There are two key ingredients to producing high quality products that work well. The first is quality ingredients, the second being hiring people who share a common passion and goal in mind as well! That is exactly what we have accomplished.




Charles Wagner - President & CEO

     Founding member and owner of Silver Laboratories, from day one has believed this will be a company with a cause. Watching his mom suffer he strives everyday to produce and come out with new products that will improve the lives of his customers.




Mark Pelaez - Vice President & COO

     Starting at the company as a sales manager, he has been instrumental in growing the company, and expanding its reach. Being a true believer in not only improving the lives of there customers, but in the products we produce has been key to the company's success.




Joanna Haray - Production Manager

     Being the newest member of the team, Joanna (in record time) has become a vital part of the Silver Laboratories team. Starting out as a simple retail customer in our retail outlet (CBD Central), she has had first hand experience on the effectiveness of the products, and a true passion for the wonders they can do for people. Her attention to detail, cleanliness and overall quality and consistency of the product is a vital part of the production process.




Daniel Dabkowski - Fulfillment Manager

     The longest running team member of the silver laboratories, Danny has been involved since day one and has first hand watched the company grow. Nothing is more important then getting orders out in a timely matter, and thats what he is here to do!


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