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Flavor Development

     Flavor profiles are a hugely important part of any consumable product, especially in the modern age with such fiery competition in the marketplace. At Silver Laboratories we are fully aware of this and are committed to bringing you and your products the best possible flavors on the market in your particular industry. Flavor development and profiles are not only included when producing custom products, but are also available to license or purchase as well!

Formula Development

     Have a product in mind thats not exactly working to its best, or not even sure where to start? Not a problem! Our professional staff is capable of developing your product, making any changes or simply taking it to the next level. Formula's are available for purchase or licensed as well if you preferred doing your own manufacturing.


Packaging Development
Packaging Development

     In todays modern world, packaging is EVERYTHING. An amazing product can be beat out by a cheaper competitor's for the simple fact of packaging. Our team of graphic design artists and packaging professionals are ready and waiting for your next project to get started on!



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